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For our February edition, students from the Kensington Health Sciences Academy Poetry Team wrote poems about love.

Tywan Madden, KHSA senior and poet. (Photo by Maggie Loesch)

by Tywan Madden

I love a good conversation
I love getting lost in conversation and losing track of time
I love when other people with the proper invitation join the chat
I love debating
I love sarcasm
I love when intelligent people discuss bright ideas and solve problems
A conversation can break you into tiny pieces or make your entire day
Never underestimate the power of a good conversation
A conversation brings the best out of people
So let’s talk about your life
and everything that makes you happy
Let’s talk about everything you hate and love
I’ll sit back and be glad to listen

Margibeth Diaz, KHSA senior and poet. (Photo by Maggie Loesch)

by Margibeth Diaz

My dog:
she’s a small chihuahua,
she’s light brown and white,
she’s always with me like whenever I’m crying or upset,
she kisses me to let me know I’m okay,
I give her food and love and affection,
I wish she would understand me whenever I told her she means the most to me
She’s the one thing in the world that keeps me going and not give up
because if I’m nobody in life how can I treat my dog like she’s the best?
And she’s the best!
Every time I lay in bed I look at her and know damn well
I would be so hurt if something ever happened to her,
I wish she would understand me when I say,
“Te amo Diana,”
or “I Love You Baby”

Manny Ramos, KHSA junior and poet. (Photo by Maggie Loesch)

by Manny Ramos

I see kids on the corner that need some love from their father
Young girls doing things she wouldn’t tell her mother
She would do anything for someone to say they love her
But all the guys in her life just want one thing from her

They tell you find a job that you love but how do I know what love is?
Get a job? I can’t even finish high school
Let’s not even talk about college
Talking to God asking if he can give me guidance
I feel like I’m about to quit
the Devil tells me he loves it

City of brotherly love?
Go down K & A
It’s ailing
it can’t be.

Living to die, we dying to live
I don’t know love, can you tell me what it is?

Michelle López, KHSA senior and poet. (Photo by Jillian Bauer-Reese)

To My Mom
by Michelle López

I love my mom
Without her I wouldn’t be here today
She makes up every vein, artery, and heartbeat in my body
She’s the English that rolls off my tongue fluently
And she’s the Spanish waves that crash against the shore to make a statement
She’s made of flesh, bone, and blood
But to me she’s the stars, moon, and sun.
She’s the oldest tree in the world.
Wise beyond her years.
She is so much more than illness and health.
She’s my high school diploma.
She’s the success of coming to a new country and acquiring a career.
She’s the intelligence I aspire to gain.
She’s the faith I don’t have.
She’s my religion because to me she’s a god.
She’s the strength I wish I had.
She can move mountains with her words.

Manny Rivera, Kensington High School senior and poet. (Photo by Maggie Loesch)

by Manny Rivera

The outside is what I would like to describe. It shows and tells so much about all living and non-living organisms. How people get together and have fun. How kids are playing in the park and being happy. People helping other people. It feels amazing to see people have fun, help others, and meet new people. It’s not just a place, action, or feeling. It’s the feeling of an action in the place.

Michael Nieves, KHSA senior and poet. (Photo by Jillian Bauer-Reese)

by Michael Nieves

Sisters: we all want or have one.
When they’re first born you look at them with envy,
hogging all the time you had to your parents.
Now you have to share.
But MY sister is great
I don’t always have time to show her how much I appreciate her.
That sweet butterball was like a Christmas gift in February.
She’s like a mini-me but I ain’t no Doctor Evil.
She’s an outburst of positivity
a blossom of happiness
Ever stare at the sun without being blinded?
Well that’s her tiny heart erupting with love.

Kensington Love Story
by Mia Rodriguez

Fall, fall in, fall in love
I was in love once when young and dumb and I didn’t know what love was.
The summer of 8th grade in the house having fun,
kissed by accident, didn’t know it happened till it was done
He was my first love my world my everything
he is the only boy I will ever love
sweeter than candy
cuter than a bunny
loved me for me and not my honey
he loved everything about me
from my chubby tummy to my weird personality
he loved the way I made him smile when he was sad
or made him laugh when he was mad
crying together on the bed about how our love was going to end
or about him wanting to be dead
and me saying he’s the greatest I’ll ever have
and how if he dies he’ll have to kill me first
cause over my dead body will he be dead before me
crying he said I don’t want you to die
you’re the first girl I loved and you will always be
David I say I love you forever but you’ll never always love me.
When we get older and you have a wife and kids
tell them stories about me
and how she made me a better me.

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Editor: Claire Wolters / Story Designer: Jillian Bauer-Reese / Translator: Kristine Aponte