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Mastbaum High School student shares poem ‘Dream Mom’

Mastbaum student Cianie Soler poses for a portrait in her classroom on June 5, 2023. (Photo by Khysir Carter)

Editor’s note: This poem was submitted by a student at Jules E. Mastbaum High School through a community partnership with Kensington Voice.

My name is Cianie Soler, and I live a couple minutes away from Mastbaum High School. This poem is about seeing other mothers with their kids, wanting to have a healthy relationship with my mom, and wishing things could be different between us.

Dream Mom

As I stare at the other mothers
Holding their children tight,
Giving them that unconditional
Love one needs.

I start to wonder, where did I go wrong?
What did I do to deserve this?
Why me?

I just wanted a mother to
Hold me tight and tell me
Everything was gonna be

I needed that unconditional
Love, but you never gave it
to me.

I think to myself, was I enough?
Is this all my fault?
Hold me close to your heart and sing me a lullaby.

Protect me as I needed.
Love me as I needed.
Hold me as I needed.

Let me rest in your warmth while
you put me to sleep.

Where are you when I need you the most?
Where are you when I’m crying in my room?
Where were you on my birthdays?
Where were you when I graduated?
Where were you?

I am broken, and I need you, can’t you see?

Editors: Khysir Carter, Zari Tarazona Designer: Khysir Carter