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Republish Kensington Voice's work

One of Kensington Voice's primary goals is to improve the quality of life in Kensington by increasing residents' access to news and information about, by, and for Kensington residents. 

Therefore, unless otherwise noted, Kensington Voice's stories are free to republish through a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license as long as publishers adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Paywalls: You may not paywall any of our stories under any circumstances.
  • Bylines: You must include all bylines in the following format: [Firstname] [Lastname], Kensington Voice.
  • Original story credit: You must include this line at the top of all stories: "This story was originally published by Kensington Voice. Sign up for their newsletters at" You must link the words "originally published" to the original article on our website and use [ref="canonical"] for the original story link.
  • Edits: You may not edit any of our stories, except for references to time (i.e., "yesterday" vs. "last week"), location (i.e., "Philadelphia" vs. "North Philadelphia,"), or editorial style (i.e., "said" vs. "says").
  • Original links: You must include all original links in all stories.
  • Print publishing: You must inform us of any stories you republish in print by emailing
  • Social media: Please tag us on social media (@kensingtonvoice) if you share a link to our original story on social.
  • Metrics: You are required to provide metrics for the republished work in exchange for its publication.

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