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On June 21, a complaint was filed against the 24th District police, according to the Philadelphia Police Department's complaints against police database.

The incident about which the complaint was filed allegedly occurred on June 18, 2023 at 10:50 AM.

The complaint database includes the following complaint summary:

According to the complainant, on 6-18-23 at 10:50 AM, while in the confines of the 24th District, they were physically abused by unknown 24th District officers. They were stopped by police. When the complainant told them that they had a firearm in the car, the officers assaulted them and snatched the firearm from them.

The complaint number is 23-0269.

We have no more information about the complaint at this time.

What standards are Philadelphia Police Department officers required to follow?

The Philadelphia Police Department’s (PPD) rules, policies, and principles are detailed in the official disciplinary code on the PPD website.

Who collects complaints against police?

The PPD’s Internal Affairs Division collects official police complaints. The Citizens Police Oversight Commission (CPOC) also collects police complaint data and gives complaints to the PPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

Who investigates complaints against police?

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has a Special Investigations Unit that investigates police complaints. The Special Investigations Unit is also responsible for investigating corruption across all the City of Philadelphia’s agencies and departments.

How can people file a complaint against police?

To file a complaint directly to the PPD’s Internal Affairs Division, fill out an official complaint form on the PPD website. For more information about filing a complaint online, in writing, or in person, visit the CPOC website.

Where can people see the complaints?

To view police complaint data and case outcomes, visit the PPD website.

☝️ This story was written with a script created by Jill Bauer-Reese, KV's newsroom director, using data from the Open Data Philly initiative. If you find an error, email so we can fix it ASAP.