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Advertise in Kensington Voice

We currently sell print advertisements in our monthly newspaper to support our distribution costs for the news and information we publish (via audio, print, and web). Our print advertisements begin at $175.

Newspaper distribution details

We print our newspaper once per month and distribute 2,000 copies (in English and Spanish) to a growing list of locations in the following ZIP codes: 19134, 19133, 19125, 19123, 19122.

Here is a growing list of locations, with links to each of their websites:

Advertising policies & guidelines


The money we raise through advertising is critical to sustaining what we do for the neighborhood. To support our printing costs, Kensington Voice sells advertisements to the following entities, so long as they serve Fairhill, Harrowgate, Kensington, Norris Square, and nearby residents:

  • Community leaders
  • Community organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Health and social service organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Nonprofits

We do not accept the following kinds of advertisements:

  • Attacks on individuals or groups
  • Missing person flyers
  • Political campaign ads

We also reserve the right to reject advertisements and refund the advertisers who purchased them if they are not in line with our values.


  • All ads should be sized according to the size of the advertisement you purchased.
  • All ads should be saved as high-resolution artwork (at least 300 dpi).
  • If you purchase a color ad, all art should be in CMYK format to ensure color matching during the printing process.
  • If you purchase a black & white ad, all art should be in B&W format to ensure color matching during the printing process.

Ready to place an ad?

Our ordering process is easy if you’re paying with a credit card — just click here to purchase an ad today. If you prefer to pay via cash or check, please email us directly with your advertising request at

Have questions?

Please email your questions to

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