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‘We get taught to survive in a city of severe separation’

Quadir Lewis is 18 years old and is from North Philadelphia. He will be attending Penn State Abington this fall. And is interested in basketball, baseball, video games, and traveling. He wrote this poem while at the pollination garden on Kensington Avenue as part of a poetry workshop at Stay True, a youth-led organization in Kensington. It will be featured in his upcoming documentary project on police brutality.

The Truth of Our Two Faced Home
Philly is a city of siphoning
Where our destiny is determined by our desires
And our beliefs are belittled by the ones who betrayed us
But we prosper with our promises and produce our new prophecy
We get taught to survive in a city of severe separation 
And forget the morals of normality in a city full of cruelty
Where your own demise can descend upon you at any time 
The fear of death lingers throughout this city 
But the joy of our home hides the scent and leaves us
In a mask of deception 
When you look at our city from a different angle you can see the bare truth