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'A station on a major line being closed is only going to hurt the neighborhood.'

Wallace Kemp

Mayfair resident, rider on the Market-Frankford line

I live in Mayfair, but I want to be here to do what I can to help out. Public transportation is a great thing in general, so a station on a major line being closed is only going to hurt the neighborhood.

I’ve never had any bad experiences, with maybe one or two exceptions. I want to see public transportation in general do well. The Market-Frankford line is at least as good as any subway line I’ve been on in the four cities I’ve lived in.

First, clean the place and get the elevators working again. But to reopen the station beyond that … it’s tough. We all know the last year has been tough for everybody. In fact, today’s New York Times front page story was on what’s happened with their subway system, which has certainly gone through some tough times in the last several years, as well. 

I want to see the community get involved, and for government entities to work for the people. It’s not as if people such as me — who don’t have a car — are going to be able to jump in their cars and go. We need public transportation.

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