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Nikki was a good kid — he was misled because he had nobody to guide him

Poems in our Youth issue were written by members of the Kensington Poetry Team, which is based at Kensington Health Sciences Academy and competes in the Philly Slam League.


Nikki was a good kid he was misled because he had nobody to guide him

Everybody point fingers talking about the bad things he did
even if Nikki proves them wrong
they’re still going to call him arrogant

Nikki shot some cats for disrespecting him
But little did Nikki know that cat had dogs coming after him

Nikki know that he’s different
the Devil whispering in his ear
“Naw you’re going to end up just like him”
November 21 Nikki haven’t said happy birthday to his brother
It hurt but he act like it don’t bother him
Nikki auntie told him  hate is a strong word to say
Back when he was 8
Nikki about to be 18 and they don’t even speak
Never show emotion cause crying for the weak
Suicide crossed his mind a couple times but he kept quiet
Nikki tried talking to God  but he wasn’t responding
He thinking why his father didn’t use a condom instead of having him

Stress is catching up to him

Those dogs on his tail

they found him

Nikki started smiling, words came out his mouth
If I was scared to die then I would be lying

They started shooting, Nikki ducking, running, zigzagging

Nikki can’t run no more, he got asthma

But Nikki ain’t tryna get posted with a R.I.P caption

Everybody just laugh at him
Never had somebody to say they’re proud of him

Everybody doubted him

The devil was once an angel nobody remember it

the dogs catch Nikki

put the 9 right to his head

Nikki thinking about all the positive stuff he could’ve did

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Editor: Siani Colón / Story Designer: Jillian Bauer-Reese / Translator: Kristine Aponte