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Kensington resident’s poem on the nine rules of living

Drew Watson is 35 years old. Raised in Kensington, he grew up with his four brothers and father. Watson had a lot of free, unsupervised time, so he started rapping and writing poetry at 12 years old. Writing poetry became a hobby and outlet to help him cope with his substance use disorder. He is now in recovery. 

This poem is about how humans should follow their hearts but avoid stepping out of any boundaries since there are consequences to their actions, Watson said. 

The nine rules of living

By Andrew Watson

Don’t drive faster

Than your guardian angel can fly

Don’t say I love you

If you plan to say goodbye

Do only to others

What you want done to you

And never be ashamed

Of anything you do

And remember we are just humans

With our mistakes to make

So always strive your hardest

To be the best you can

Never take a shortcut

That will hurt your fellow man

Walk the straight and narrow

If Temptations call to you

And make the Angels proud

Of everything you do

Editors: Zari Tarazona / Designer: Henry Savage