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Poems in our Youth issue were written by members of the Kensington Poetry Team, which is based at Kensington Health Sciences Academy and competes in the Philly Slam League.

“A Short Voice of My Life

She’s a short pretty girl
who doesn’t believe she’s pretty,
who also doesn’t believe in herself.

She used to love herself but people let her down a lot.
She’s a lost puppy in the woods looking for someone to 
find her,
she’s been looking for that love but somehow she’s not enough,
somehow they end up lying to her.

She’s a broken record who no one wants to listen to.
She’s been here for too long, she wasn’t supposed to be 

She is that quiet little girl.
She is that skinny little girl that people never looked ‘er in the eye
and told her the truth.

She’s a little kid
but it’s because people treat her like one,
that girl standing over there smiling, she is broken 
her father told her she’s not enough for this world.

She only holds onto those little moments she spent with
those friends
but those friends left her, now she’s all alone.
She’s in this dark deep hole and she can’t seem to climb

She speaks English but somehow she can’t use words
to explain how she feels.

She’s so soft but people think she’s strong.
She cries in the middle of the night because she’s not being

I guess she just doesn’t see the beauty in this world,
but she tries to see it differently,

and that she is Me.

What did you think about this story? Send a note to, and we’ll consider publishing it in our Voices section. You can also tell us what you think in person at our neighborhood events.

Editor: Siani Colón / Story Designer: Jillian Bauer-Reese / Translator: Kristine Aponte