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Get arrested for drugs in Kensington? Here's a chart that explains the process.

A very long chart for a very long process.

Design by Jillian Bauer-Reese

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel said police will increase enforcement for drug-related activity as early as Monday in an effort to implement Mayor Cherelle Parker’s new policing initiative aimed at shutting down Kensington’s open-air drug market.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Department of Prisons has said it’s stretched too thin to deliver timely, high-quality care for the 4,700 people incarcerated in Philadelphia’s jails daily – a majority of whom have a substance use disorder – let alone a potential influx from Kensington. 

So, what exactly happens when someone gets arrested for drug possession in Kensington? This chart explains how it works, according to the various offices involved in the process:  

Design: Jillian Bauer-Reese; Reporting: Sammy Caiola

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