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Pa. primary election 2024: How to vote, where to vote, and everything you need to know for April 23

On April 23, Pennsylvanians will cast their votes for president, U.S. Senate, attorney general, and more.

Pennsylvania voters take to the polls in Harrisburg on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022. (Amanda Berg / For Spotlight PA)

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Pennsylvania’s 2024 primary Election Day is quickly approaching. If you still have questions about where your polling place is, who is on the ballot, and how to vote, Spotlight PA has got you covered.

On Tuesday, April 23, voters across the commonwealth will determine which candidates go on to run in the general election. On the ballot are candidates for president, U.S. House and Senate, Pennsylvania’s three row offices (attorney general, auditor general, and treasurer), and state House and Senate. Across the state, depending on where you live, there might also be local ballot questions.

Before you submit your ballot, here’s a last-minute checklist of everything you’ll need to vote.

First, the basics:

Here’s what you can expect to see on your ballot:

  • To see a sample ballot, search for your local county on the Pennsylvania Department of State voting and election webpage, then follow the link to your official county website, where you may be able to find a digital sample ballot. If you have any questions or have issues finding this information, contact your local county election office for support.
  • For president, Republicans will see former President Donald Trump listed on the ballot, as well as former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, despite her dropping out of the race. Democrats will see President Joe Biden listed, as well as U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota, even though he suspended his campaign back in March.
  • For U.S. Senate, there is one candidate on the Democratic ballot, three-term incumbent Bob Casey, and one on the Republican ballot, Dave McCormick.
  • For U.S. House, who is listed on your ballot will be dictated by the congressional district you live in. To find who is running in your district, visit VOTE411, a tool from the League of Women Voters Education Fund.
  • To find which Pennsylvania General Assembly candidates are running in your district, visit VOTE411. Consult our guide to vetting these candidates to learn more about them.
  • For attorney general, Democrats will choose between Keir Bradford-Grey, Eugene DePasquale, Joe Khan, Jared Solomon, and Jack Stollsteimer, while Republicans will pick between Dave Sunday and Craig Williams. Read Spotlight PA’s guide to these candidates to learn more about them, and take our quiz to find out who best aligns with your values.
  • For auditor general, Republican incumbent Tim DeFoor is running unopposed for the GOP nomination. Democrats will choose between Malcolm Kenyatta and Mark Pinsley. Read Spotlight PA’s guide to these candidates to learn more about them.
  • For treasurer, Republican incumbent Stacy Garrity is unopposed in her party’s primary. Democrats will choose between Ryan Bizzarro and Erin McClelland. Read Spotlight PA’s guide to these candidates to learn more about them.

There are no statewide ballot measures this year, but some voters may see local questions. Check your county’s election website or sample ballot to know exactly which races and candidates you will be voting for.

Read Spotlight PA’s complete coverage, including candidate and election guides, court explainers, important cases, and more, at our 2024 Election Center.

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