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Jessica Vega

Age: 38
Neighborhood: West Kensington

Why are you voting?

With the community, we need a lot of change. We have trash everywhere. With the looting — everybody looting for different reasons. They make it seem as just because of killing. No, I think it’s just stupidity. People not having jobs, needing to feed their family. So they take that as an excuse. So much violence is going on in the city. We just need a lot of help with a lot of stuff — school wise — and just a lot of stuff. Hopefully, we can see change and things get better. 

What presidential platform policies or issues are most important to you?

Most of it would be the pandemic. We need to really nip this in the bud because it’s outrageous right now. They said it would be weeks. They said sometime in December. Now Trump is saying something about within 2021 we’ll have a vaccine. You’re saying weeks. Now you’re saying months. Now you’re saying years. It’s just excuses. 

I don’t see anything getting better with him in office. Ever since he’s been in office, this is the worst that our community, our city, our states have been in. I just think that we need something better and somebody that’s not just for one race. We’re all united as one. We’re not separated. We all breathe and bleed the same.

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