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'I think the stakeholders ... should call the shots.'

Susan Post

Director of Esperanza Health Center

It affects all the people that live in this neighborhood. I don’t live in the neighborhood, but our patients do and it’s an inconvenience for them to try to go to another station, especially [one] not too close.

The conditions here are not good, and I do think [the station] needs improvement, but I don’t think they need to close it down for a long period of time. I think they need to make some changes to make it more sanitized and working effectively.

There are some facility improvements that are needed here. Taking care of it like you would a place that you expect the public to be. And it’s not taken care of well. Security, safety, those kinds of things that everybody wants, are important here.

Definitely. I think the stakeholders that live here and work here are very important, and they should call the shots.

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