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‘We want to reintroduce Kreate Hub to the community'

Philly Kreate Hub is here to establish a space for small businesses to grow and shine in Kensington. With workspaces for as little as $285 a month, it’s their mission to be affordable for artists, makers, technologists, and entrepreneurs. 

Here is a look at the mural in the entrance hall of the Kreate Hub, across from a rack of hoodies. (Photo By Daisie Cardona)

With so many small businesses in one location, it’s also an opportunity to make connections with others. The goal is to build an environment filled with different kinds of creative people, to empower and promote small businesses. 

Dan Herdoon, CEO of Kreate Hub, poses for a portrait in front of a mural at the relaunch event on May 7, 2022. (Photo by Daisie Cardona)

According to Kreate Hub CEO Dan Herdoon, Kreate Hub had a relaunch event “because we want to reintroduce Kreate Hub to the community” now that many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. The event took place on May 7 at the Kreate Hub building at 2801 Frankford Ave.

The Kreate Hub relaunch event offered food and a music area with guests and a DJ on May 7, 2022. (Photos by Daisie Cardona)

Editors: Jillian Bauer-Reese, Zari Tarazona, Solmaira Valerio / Designer: Zari Tarazona