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‘I really don't follow politics that closely, so I just went straight Democratic all the way down.’

Vincent Burger

Age: 54
Neighborhood: Kensington
Occupation: UPS worker

Why are you voting?

To kick Trump out of office. That’s mainly why. I really don’t follow politics that closely, so I just went straight democratic all the way down.

What presidential platform policies or issues are most important to you?

The [ballot question about whether or not the city should borrow] $134 million. I used to teach, and I think I’m going to go back. I’m not certified any more, but the schools need money. That [question] was important to me. Teachers in this city, a lot of them are underpaid. There’s some really, really good teachers — way better than I ever was — but they deserve a lot more money when you consider that people in Montgomery [County] and Bucks County get paid more.

Editor’s note: One of Philadelphia’s ballot questions asked voters if the City of Philadelphia should borrow $134 million to spend on various city programs, such as transit, the Streets Department, and economic and community development.

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