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'I don't see this as a legal issue, I see it as a humanitarian issue.'

Elise Schiller

Author, Advocate for Safehouse

Why are you here at the rally today?

I’m here because of my daughter, Giana Natali. She died in January of 2014 of an overdose. I would like to see Safehouse open. I believe that we need to do whatever we can to save peoples’ lives until they’re able to find treatment that works for them. I don’t see this as a legal issue, I see it as a humanitarian issue.

What would you like to see moving forward in regards to Safehouse?

The argument is about whether or not the “crack house” statute applies to Safehouse. I would like to see [the federal court] say that it does not. I would like our new Justice Department in January to stand down from trying to prevent safe consumption sites from opening. I would like to see safe consumption sites across the country offering safety as well as pathways to treatment.

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