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‘Tony does a lot for the community’

Raymond Gwin

Kensington resident

Why did you come to the rally today?

To support Mr. Tony because Tony does a lot for the community. He has barbecues. He cleans up the streets. He always does everything. Tony is a beautiful person.

How do you think the police department should handle emergency calls, like property damages, looting, and violence in the neighborhood?

They should [respond] ASAP; they should be quick about it. Because [when] that boy Walter he got shot, [the police] should have handled it better.  

If you could send a message to city leadership, what would you say?

It makes me sick. I’m 55 years old, I was born in North Carolina, and my mom raised me here in Philly. It makes me sick. Why can’t we all get along to get along? 

I just want things to get better for people around here. You know what  I mean? For real that’s all I want. 

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