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'This could really set the precedent for the rest of the country.'

Chelsea Chamroeun

Philadelphia Overdose Prevention Network member

Why are you here at the rally today?

I would love for today’s ruling to be in our favor. Even if it is, [U.S. Attorney William] McSwain is probably going to take it to the Supreme Court.  We’re just one level down from the Supreme Court right now. So this could really set the precedent for the rest of the country if today’s ruling is in our favor. Fingers crossed that the judge sees how humane and practical and compassionate this lifesaving facility can be.

What would you like to see moving forward in regards to Safehouse?

For Safehouse to partner with other community organizations that provide pathways to housing that provide pathways to stable employment. Basically autonomy. That’s the most liberating thing that you can give to a community that’s been marginalized forever — autonomy. I think Safehouse also knows that and will definitely partner with organizations and providers to make sure that happens.

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