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Alfred Klosterman 

Resident and member of Harrowgate Civic Association

It’s two stops away from my stop, and my stop’s in the same condition. So it’s a matter of time [before mine gets shut down, too]. We have to start getting respect from SEPTA.

You have to climb over [people who use drugs], and needles everywhere. When you’re getting on board, there are people “shooting up” on the platform and on the train.

They have to get people off the street somehow — and preferably into a treatment. I mean, jail is not the answer, obviously, but they have to get them into treatment. It just can’t continue and not change.

Yes, there should be a community-based advisory board representing the public’s interests, long-term and short. Local residents and businesses need to be heard. People who use drugs and [who are experiencing homelessness] must be considered because whatever happens with the station, the status quo of services doesn’t work for them. Housing and treatment for them must be a part of the package. The advisory board will need to be a long-term thing because these problems won’t be solved overnight.

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